Acu-Therapy balances the body's energy core by gentle fingertaps upon key locations of the body. Acutouch therapy is a revolutionary new approach to healing.

Acutouch therapy
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Acutouch therapy is similar to acupuncture without needles. Using+ psychology rather than pinpricks, Acu-Therapy balances the body's energy core by gentle fingertaps upon key locations of the body. Acutouch therapy is a revolutionary new approach to healing. It can treat over 140 ailments. Acutouch therapy opens up with a new middle ground between the timeless ancient philosophy of Qui and modern technology. Acutouch is here as a revolutionary treatment. With the correct use of Acutouch, the benefits are exceptional. It can be used in conjunction with other therapies. Acutouch will restore your body's ability to heal itself, which is a remedy on its own.

In Jin Shin Acutouch, touch is used to stimulate the flow of life force through the body's energy channels. In Jin Shin Acutouch, there are 26 reference points on either body side. During a Jin Shin Acutouch session, two points are touched simultaneously to initiate a flow of healing. A form of Qigong, Jin Shin Acutouch is a form of energy healing where the practitioner passes his energy on to the patient to form a healing response. Originating in Japan and East India, Tibet and China, Jin Shin Acutouch is widely influenced by Buddhism. According to translation, Jin Shin Acutouch conveys to 'Compassionate Spirit Penetrating through Touch.'

A number of attempts have been made to validate the concept or existence of meridian lines. A researcher injected radioactive technetium into acupuncture points, to prove their existence. It was found however that the technetium uptake was faster from certain acupuncture points than non-acupuncture points, but that its movement thereafter was explained entirely by the venous system. There are some meridians that follow the route of known nervous pathways while others follow the route of the lymphatic system, or circulatory system. Still others follow none of these pathways and are difficult to explain in terms of currently understood neuro-anatomy. Some interesting observations have been noted in correlating trigger point pain referral patterns and known meridian pathways.


The natural energy is also known as Chi, the life force that makes us alive -- a concept rooted in oriental medicine and philosophy, which has endured and advanced for over 4000 years. It follows therefore that this life force needs to be replenished by breathing clean air and eating fresh, natural foods, commodities increasingly rare in our polluted world. Traditional Chinese medicine has contended for millennia that the uninterrupted flow of Chi in the body is essential for the maintenance of balanced health. But modern scientific research has only comparatively recently confirmed that there are 14 major Chi or meridian channels traversing the human body.

These channels frequently follow recognized, referred anatomical paths. Any interruption or blockage in the flow of Chi through these meridians results in illness and pain. Acutouch gather and concentrate Chi through their antennae, and channel this down through a combination of materials that emit a synergistic stream of far-infrared rays, negative ions and a powerful magnetic field. This combined flow restores the natural energy balance of the body and prevents the onset of disease, alleviates pain and accelerates the healing process in the localized area where the acutouch is applied.


Chi Pointers
The set of the chi pointer includes a special pair of massage tips that have been slightly blunted and attached to a piece of amber or jade respectively. A massage along the shinbone and knees often alleviates the developmental pain experienced by children during their growth periods. The chi pointer generates focussed magnetic fields of 1.200 gauss on their tips. To support the efficacy of the magnets, the tips of the pointers contain pieces of rock crystal, garnet, amber or jade. The mountings include balls of ionized bio-ceramic, which reflect the remote infrared waves. Since the chi pointer do not rely on electricity or other external energy sources, they have an almost eternal lifespan. The chi pointer base set consists of 2 pen-shaped mountings which containing the ionized bio-ceramic, 2 interchangeable application tips (gold/garnet, silver/rock crystal), as well as a multipurpose and an angle mount.

The chi pointer family set consists of 4 pen-shaped mountings which containing the ionized bio-ceramic, 4 interchangeable application tips (gold/garnet, silver /rock crystal), 2 massage tips (gold/jade, silver/amber), 3 multipurpose and 2 angle mounts. The multipurpose mounts allow the combination of 4 tips so that a greater area (e.g. the back) can be treated at one time. In addition, the mounts are used to transport and protect the tips. The CHI Pointers also come with a comprehensive user guide in which the different possibilities on how to apply the pens are further explained. The CHI Pointers are very easy to use. Imposing a slight pressure, the CHI Pointer is simply placed over the sites that are causing pain: the back, shoulders, neck, but also the knee or elbow joints.

There is no definite guideline of how long or where to apply the magnets. Many users find it very pleasant to place the pointer next to the spine and move along the spine. Others have found relief by placing the pens around joints. To allow the magnets to achieve maximum pain relief and to enhance the awareness of your body's reaction, it is recommended to experiment with the pens and find those areas where the magnets seem to work best. Your body might respond differently depending on where you place the pens. Sometimes, you will experience a feeling of heat, some sort of tickling or pricking, or even an acute pain. However, please be advised that for some, magnets almost immediately reduce the pain, whereas others experience the effectiveness of magnets more slowly. Due to the positive reaction of the body, you might even first experience a slight aggravation of the pain. This proves that your body reacts to the application. Continue to use the pens as long as you feel comfortable with it.


Auras and Chakras
Aura is the energy field that envelops all matter; animate and inanimate. All matter - animate or inanimate structurally comprises of atoms. Atoms have energy vibrations. In other words, any structure, which has atoms, will most certainly have aura. Why? It is simple. Each and every atom has electrons and protons, which move continuously. The electrons and protons generate electro magnetic vibrations always. The atoms of animate matter are extremely active and more vibrant than the atoms found in inanimate matter. The aura emanating from a large piece of iron chunk may not be visible, as the energy field is not that vibrant. But, the energy fields of human beings, flora and fauna are detected easily as they are very active and the resultant aura is seen clearly. The Aura contains layers of energy fields. The energy fields of aura and the "chi", the bio-energy, and the universal life force of the 'chakra' system are all the same. In the Chakra system, the universal life force is passed on from the hand to the charkas.