Acu-Therapy balances the body's energy core by gentle fingertaps upon key locations of the body. Acutouch therapy is a revolutionary new approach to healing.

Essential Elements of Acutouch Therapy
Apart from touch there are other three elements of acutouch therapy
Magnetism  •  Far Infrared Rays  •  Anions

Focused magnetic fields eliminate toxins, cholesterol deposits and mineral deposits in the blood vessels under the skin. Magnetism improves circulation, reduces cholesterol levels, removes toxins and delays the aging process. It also contributes to rapid bone regeneration.

Magnetism is found to have following effects on the body

  • Fights infection
  • Supports biological healing
  • Normalizes pH acid-base balance
  • Brings more oxygen into cells
  • Relieves pain
  • Stimulates wakefulness
  • Assists to jump start immobile muscles
  • Is considered less effective on long term biological healing

Effect of magnetism


Far Infrared Rays
Far infrared rays are an effective agent in expanding capillary vessels, enhancing blood circulation, strengthening metabolism and increasing the renewing capability of cells. They increase the temperature of the deep layers below the skin and revitalize damaged tissues.

The effect of far infra red rays in the body include the following

  • Improvement of blood circulation

  • Increase in metabolism

  • Facilitation of the production of enzymes

  • Assist in the reduction of free fatty acids, cholesterol and sodium


We need negative ions to repair damaged tissues when injury or disease occurs because negative ions have anti-free radical action, restore chemistry in cells, and increase the immune system. Negative ions are responsible for supplying oxygen to cells in the body whereas Cations slow down this process.

Anions are known to have following effects on the body

  • Decrease depression

  • Decrease irritability

  • Improve cognitive function

  • Improve energy

  • Boost immune system

Anions, or Negative Ions, compensate for the stresses of modern life in which the normal balance of Anions and Cations is disrupted by pollution, hazardous electromagnetic waves, excessive exercise or stress-accelerated oxidation.