Acu-Therapy balances the body's energy core by gentle fingertaps upon key locations of the body. Acutouch therapy is a revolutionary new approach to healing.

Pre Therapy
Medication  •  Precautions  •  Technique  •  Procedure

If you are currently taking medication, it is not necessary to stop the medication immediately. The medication will not affect the effect of Acutouch, as long as they are not painkillers. Consult your physician before you discontinue the medication, even if you feel you are healed. If you are taking anti-inflammatory / pain killers, the Acutouch treatment will still be effective, but will take longer because they will mask the effect of Acutouch.

It is impossible to overdose with Acutouch or harm yourself. Nevertheless, there are some cautions you must take when applying Acutouch. If you are pregnant, you should avoid using Acutouch after 6 months of pregnancy.

The practitioner's hands are key to the energy movement in the client. The palms, at the center of the hands, are at the total depth level; the source of the life force energy and all of the primary flows. The palms and the soles of the feet are the balancers of the entire body. All conditions can be harmonized through the palms, fingers, and thumbs, according to Jin Shin Acutouch theory.

The patterns for touches were developed by watching people touch themselves and others for relief from pain or tension. These patterns became an art, which was passed on orally from generation to generation in ancient China, Japan, and Korea.


Unlike most bodywork, the Jin Shin Acutouch client remains fully clothed and relaxes on his back for the entire treatment. Treatments usually last about one hour; however, if the client is in pain or discomfort, a shorter treatment can be effective. The energy received from the treatment will last up to eight hours after which time it will settle and be integrated by the body.

Acutouch is applied with sufficient pressure to indent the skin. Different people are more or less sensitive to this pressure, but you should apply a pressure roughly equivalent to double the weight of the Acutouch. The sensation or response may vary from patient to patient and from spot to spot. The sensation may feel hot, intense pressure, or itchy. Generally speaking, the greater the sensation, the greater the problem.