Acu-Therapy balances the body's energy core by gentle fingertaps upon key locations of the body. Acutouch therapy is a revolutionary new approach to healing.

Principle of Acutouch

The principle of Acutouch is reckoned as regulating the life force in our body through touch. The actual meaning of Jin Shin Acutouch is 'compassionate spirit penetrating through touch'. Every cell in your body is totally aware of how you think and feel…" So the bio-energy, or, life force penetrates deep into you, into every organ, and every cell in an organ! On the skin, the flow of bio-energy of life force, or Chi, takes place through the capillary network, which are felt in the form of "points". By touching the points for a specific time frame, whatever blockage or stagnation of the life force in the body can be removed and the energy levels of the body are restored. This is the basic principle of Acutouch. There are only 26 energy points located on the front and backside of the body. The normal practice is to touch tow of the points simultaneously to release tension. There are specified patterns of "the touch". Also there are particular routes through which energy moves freely and covers organs and meridians.